Tyra Sanchez (source: PinkNews)

April 22 is Tyra Sanchez’s birthday.

When I saw that it was Tyra Sanchez’s birthday, I went to Wikipedia to confirm that I had the correct birth date. That’s where I read that Tyra Sanchez has quit drag. Oh no! How will the world cope with the loss? How will DragCon go on without the bomb threats?

I rarely meet a Taurus native that I don’t like, so I had a look at Tyra’s natal chart to see what makes her such an asshole. Nothing in particular jumped out at me, but without an accurate time of birth I don’t have much to go on. She does have a Cancer moon. Combined with a Taurus sun, that can be a very defensive combination.

As for Tyra Sanchez, she’s officially dead and buried. Now she’s James Ross, and according to his Instagram, he’s still trying to make money off of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” even though he wants nothing to do with it. I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised. Old habits die hard, especially when you’re a Taurus with a Cancer moon . . .

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