Switzerland (source: The New York Times)

Mercury entered my seventh house a couple of hours ago. While it is still technically opposite my ascendant, I’m optimistic that the grouchiness I discussed yesterday on this blog will soon abate.

The seventh house is a place where diplomacy reigns. Over the past couple days, I’ve felt as angry as an American who has been told to shelter in place when they could be doing American stuff instead, like going to Supercuts for a new hairdo or infecting everyone else in the line-up at Walmart while stocking up on pork rinds and Mountain Dew.

Hopefully, now that Mercury has joined the sun in that part of my chart, I’m going to be a little less quick to anger. I’m normally a diplomatic person and I’m pretty good at holding my tongue. I’m also very good at walking away from a situation that might continue to anger me. I’m no sucker for punishment.

What I would like is a little more neutrality. I need to be sure that I don’t get worked up over nothing. Stupid, boorish people are always going to piss me off regardless of where the planets are in the sky. I just need to be sure that I don’t allow them to get to me. I need to be Switzerland for a while. I want to be postcard pretty, financially stable and above all this other bullshit.

Wish me luck!

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