I came across this photo of my garden from a few years back on my Facebook Memories this morning. It inspired me to get out into the garden where I collected a few more bags of garbage. I could see a couple of peonies poking their shoots out of the ground and that made me happy.

Frankly, I needed the help. I was so grouchy this morning despite all the good things going on in my chart at the moment. I had a look at my natal chart to see if I could identify anything in particular that would be causing me to be such a crab. The one difficult aspect that I discovered was transiting Mercury square my natal sun.

That could explain it. It could also explain why the mood was fleeting. I’m already feeling better now that Mercury is speeding forward.

My astro.com daily horoscope actually featured this Mercury aspect, although the interpretation that was provided focused upon the way I would be relating to others. Thankfully, I was stuck at home with no one to yell at, otherwise this could have been a much worse day.

Anyway, I should probably pay more attention to these fleeting Mercury aspects. Mercury is personalized in my natal chart because it resides in a house over which it rules. I tend to focus on “the big picture” when I’m analyzing my own chart. Sometimes it’s these little things that really have an impact on my day-to-day life. Mercury’s transit through my sixth house should theoretically make me pay attention to those details.

Maybe I’ll start paying more attention to this phenomenon tomorrow. Mercury moves into my seventh house around the time I normally get out of bed. That means that the planet will be opposing my ascendant for a while, too. Will I be grouchy again or will I be in a better place? I guess only time will tell.

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