Jean Paul Gaultier (source: Vogue)

Jean Paul Gaultier bowed out from the world of fashion yesterday when he presented his final couture show.

Gaultier himself is a Taurus with a Taurus moon and Libra rising — quite the Venusian chart! What’s really interesting about his horoscope, though, is his Mars in Scorpio in the first house sitting on the opposite side of his chart from his sun, moon and Jupiter in the seventh house. There are some very interesting sexual dynamics set up by that scenario that have been made evident in his work through his exploration of gender stereotypes. That’s why I include him in the pantheon of Pisces designers in both of my books. No one in fashion has blurred the lines between masculine and feminine more frequently and more thrillingly than Jean Paul Gaultier.

Another interesting thing about his chart is that both Venus and Mercury reside in the sixth house: a place that I associate with the “craft” that couture requires. In fifty years in the fashion business, he never once sent a badly-fitted outfit down the runway. Even when his harshest critics were complaining that he was out-of-touch with modern sensibilities, his devotion to the technical aspects of creating these one-of-a-kind masterpieces was almost unparalleled. The legions of craftsmen, designers and models who have had the honor to work in his shadow can attest to that, and they did yesterday when they arrived en masse at his grand finale to pay their respects.

Personally, I’m going to miss the spectacle that he brought to his runway. What I really don’t like about the couture shows right now is that there is actually a market for the clothes presented on the Dior and Valentino runways: unfathomably rich women who wander through their palaces in garments that are obscenely expensive and paid for with inherited wealth or the proceeds of crimes. The worst-kept secret in fashion is that wives of dictators and despots keep the couture business in business.

Sure, those women were probably contributing to the house of Jean Paul Gaultier, too, but so were the freaks that keep the dream of fashion alive. After watching over a hundred of them parade down the Gaultier catwalk for the last time, I can’t help feeling anything but sad.

I’m going to miss you, Jean Paul!

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