Moscow Mitch (source: Raw Story)

Transiting Mars is about to form a square to my natal Saturn. That’s an aspect that only happens about once a year unless a retrograde cycle allows the event to repeat three times over. Thankfully, that’s not the case at this time.

The aspect is short-lived but quite profound. It makes me seethe. I want bad things to happen to bad people, and I really have to watch what I say out loud for a couple of days.

Yesterday, for instance, I chose to take the high road with a few people whose childish behavior put me in a position where I could have exercised my authority. Putting them in their place would have been personally gratifying, but I decided to walk away because their transgressions were not serious enough for me to risk my own reputation by arguing over issues that are almost inconsequential.

Today, I got up and turned on the TV to see that the coverage of the impeachment trial in the US Senate is about to begin. Immediately, I began to seethe. Knowing that Mitch McConnell and the majority of the Republicans are standing up for the Criminal-in-Chief makes me want to lash out.

But I’m not going to. I need to remind myself that I’m not an American, and that I really don’t have anything riding on the outcome of this fight. If America falls because of its own greed and hubris, that is its own problem.

So, I’m going to avoid TV and social media today, and maybe I’ll redirect this tense Martian energy into something productive. Or perhaps I’ll just lay in the bathtub until I don’t feel tense any more. By the time Friday’s new moon arrives, I should be in a much more peaceful place.

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