Champagne (source: BBC)

I’m up super early this morning because I volunteered to take the opening shift at work so that all my coworkers could go out on New Year’s Eve. That’s right — I’m a living saint.

I don’t really get into New Year’s Eve, anyway. The only thing I like about it is the champagne. Strangely, I’ve been kicking myself for not stocking up on some bubbly I saw on sale last week at the liquor store. It’s not odd for me to obsess over something I regret not purchasing, but champagne? I’m not even a drunk. Two glasses and I’m finished for the night!

Curiously, my astro.com horoscope reminded me that today is the day when transiting Saturn forms a sextile to my natal Neptune (something that happens twice every thirty-six years). The words “sober reflection” appear in the interpretation of the transit, which is funny considering that I can’t stop thinking about getting buzzed on champagne at the moment.

The part of the horoscope that interests me the most, however, is this passage:

“This is a time of serious thought. Your mood will not be especially light-hearted, but you will be in a position to make great breakthroughs in understanding. You will be able to deny yourself rewards that you have wanted in the past, because now you can see that if you wait a bit, your daily life will come closer to your ideals. You are in the right frame of mind for disciplined self-denial and sacrifice without being a martyr. In other words, you are realistic about what you are doing.”

I’m already there! Since Jupiter entered Capricorn in December, I’ve been blathering incessantly about feeling like a Capricorn: realistic; disciplined; patient. Yesterday, I posted a New Year’s resolution stating that I would attempt to become more focused in the future because I understand that these “breakthroughs in understanding” come to me when I eliminate distractions and direct my gaze forward — a very cardinal sentiment from a guy with a cardinal sun, a cardinal moon and a cardinal rising sign.

I turn fifty-four in less than a week, and I’m still amazed every day by the fact that I get to know myself better every day. Even in a time of “sober reflection,” there is still so much to see when I look in the mirror that character-based astrology provides me. What’s more, it makes me feel optimistic about the year ahead.

I feel as if I’m starting 2020 on the right foot . . .

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