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Eye Exam (source: The Atlantic)

2020 is almost here and I still haven’t written my annual horoscopes for you, the tens of readers who visit my blog regularly.

The reason for that is that I actually got some legitimate writing work that diverted my attention for a couple of weeks. When I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to publish my predictions on time, I resolved to have them ready by January 12 — a rather monumental day in our lifetimes when Saturn catches up to Pluto. The last time this aspect occurred was in 1982.

That is only one of two major conjunctions that bookend 2020. The so-called “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn happens on December 21.

Those two events will form the crux of my horoscopes, but because I know exactly where they are going to happen in my own chart, I’ve already made a New Year’s resolution for myself. I’m going to take the obvious symbolism of the year and resolve to be more focused in 2020.

The reason that I’ve decided to make that my resolution is that the current stellium in Capricorn has most of this planetary action occurring in my third house. For me, that’s a place where I feel a little too comfortable with my Jack-of-all-trades persona. Sure, I can do a million things at once. However, if I cut back in order to focus on just a few of them at a time, I’d probably master them all eventually.

I can get scattered because I can get bored easily. It’s not like ADHD, though. I’m able to work on several things simultaneously while really taking my time to figure them out. Take yoga, for example. I’ve wanted to be a yoga instructor for years. When I finally get around to taking the training necessary to become a yoga instructor, I’ll probably know as much as the people leading the classes. That’s just how I work.

Nevertheless, it’s not always the most expedient way of getting things done. That’s what I would like to change about myself while these third-house planetary transits are highlighted in my horoscope. By developing a greater sense of focus in the first part of 2020, I’ll be in a place where I can be comfortable with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that occurs in my fourth house at the end of the year. That is an aspect that will “root” me wherever I am for a couple of decades to come because of where it occurs in my chart.

So, there it is: my New Year’s resolution. When I revisit this topic in a year from now, I’ll let you know if I’ve kept my focus and kept my word.

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