Andy Lassner (source: Variety)

December 30 is Andy Lassner’s birthday.

Andy Lassner is a producer for “The Ellen Show.” He’s also a megastar in his own right with about a zillion followers on Twitter. That’s where I learned that the two of us share a similar mindset when it comes to the Orange One.

I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised to learn that our natal Mercury position is almost exactly the same: a noon chart reveals a 1″ difference. I would love to have an exact time of birth for Andy Lassner, but he’s so popular on Twitter that he probably wouldn’t read my Tweet if I sent one (like Sarah Colonna did yesterday when she wished me a happy birthday).

Nevertheless, I still can make some conclusions about his chart because it is so similar to mine. We have all four planets beyond Jupiter and the asteroid Chiron in the same signs. There are also several favorable aspects formed between our inner planets. We would probably get along in real life.

The biggest difference between us, though, isn’t something that I can see in his chart because I don’t have a time of birth. If I could put the planets in the houses, perhaps I could understand why Andy Lassner struggled with substance abuse (as the link to the story in “Variety” describes). I don’t have that in me. I might like to “tune out” now and then, but that means having a second glass of wine before bed. I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, and I can’t fathom doing hard drugs — or even mood-altering prescription drugs, for that matter.

What I find interesting about his chart is that a noon time of birth would make a lot of sense. Using Placidus houses, it would put both the sun and Mercury in the ninth house, explaining his open-mindedness. His Leo moon would be in the fifth house, and that could be the reason that he lets it all hang out in interviews like the one linked above. It would also put Saturn, the ruler of his sun sign, alongside Chiron in the twelfth house. That would go a long way in explaining how and why he let his addiction get the best of him for so many years. Also, having an Aries rising with Mars opposite his ascendant could reveal issues with impulse control.

It’s a fascinating chart, but one that makes me ask far more questions than it answers (like so many other celebrity charts I discuss on this blog). I really want to know his time of birth! Maybe I will reach out to him on Twitter, after all . . .

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