Sarah Colonna (source: Buffalo News)

December 29 is Sarah Colonna’s birthday.

I’ve had a few brief exchanges with Sarah Colonna over Twitter, and I can honestly say that she is one of the nicest celebrities in show business. Therefore, it was no surprise when I discovered that we not only share the same sun sign, but also the same moon sign.

When I enter the sun in Capricorn/moon in Cancer combo into the search tool on, the first celebrity to come up is Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. That makes sense because Sarah Colonna and I are also both regal and nice to look at. The next two celebrities on the list with the same combination of luminaries in their horoscopes are Vanessa Paradis and Sir Isaac Newton. Other notable names on the list include Janis Joplin, Jimmy Page, Calvin Harris, Blue Ivy Carter, LL Cool J, Mary J. Blige, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Mary Tyler Moore.

What interests me is that there are really not any publicity whores on the list. I sometimes think of my Cancer moon as something that puts the brakes on my desire to succeed in today’s world because I’m just not interested in letting it all hang out. Sure, I’m on social media like Sarah Colonna, but my feeds aren’t filled with staged selfies and overt incidences of oversharing. Mostly, I just try to make people (A) read what I’ve written on this blog, (B) laugh at my stupid jokes, or (C) look at a cute picture of my cats or the flowers I’ve grown.

For someone who can come off as an egomaniac because I really do like myself a lot, I’m remarkably reserved and rather dignified in the way that I put myself “out there.” I once had a really great astrology book on sun/moon combos that described the Capricorn sun/Cancer moon something like this: “Try to come down to the level of others occasionally because you can be intimidating.” I’ll never forget that passage because I’ve felt that way my entire life.

Still, I don’t try to construct a persona that makes me look as if I’m standing head and shoulders above everyone else. For someone who possesses an awful lot of pride in my accomplishments and an inflated sense of self-worth, I’m not really a prick (although I’m sure that there are a few humorless nincompoops out there who would disagree with me).

That’s what I get from the names I mentioned above. We’re an interesting bunch, but I don’t see a single asshole on the list. It makes me happy to be part of such an elite club.

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