Tropic of Capricorn

I got this photo from an Aussie friend of mine. I’ve never visited the Tropic of Capricorn, Maybe I should make plans to see it before Australia burns to the ground or disappears into the ocean.

Anyway, Mercury enters Capricorn late this evening for a nineteen-day stay where it will make conjunctions with Jupiter, the sun, Saturn and Pluto in that order. Along the way, it will also cross the nodal axis as it conjoins the south node.

Needless to say, the next nineteen days will have a definite Capricorn feeling to them. If you weren’t already feeling the Capricorn vibes after the new moon in Capricorn on Christmas Day (or Boxing Day depending upon where you live), you weren’t paying attention.

It’s going to be somewhat sobering as we get back to our routines after the holiday season and the bills start to arrive. A cosmic reality check is in everyone’s stars as 2020 begins, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see plenty of people humbled by the upcoming events.

What can you do to get through the next few weeks without having the rug pulled out from underneath you? Not much, especially if your current situation has arisen from a lack of discipline. But you can start to cultivate the self-discipline that will keep these events from recurring in the future, especially when Mars begins its transit of Capricorn in a few weeks from now. Typically, astrologers avoid urging their clients to make New Year’s resolutions because New Year’s Day rarely coincides with the Capricorn new moon — a more auspicious time to start on a new path. But with the new moon only a couple of days behind us, and half the planets in the sky transiting the sign of the old goat, no one is going to regret resolving to be more disciplined in 2020.

So, go ahead and make that resolution. There is no time like the present to get back on solid footing.

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