Rock and roll singer Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley (source: People)

The sun moves into Capricorn tonight at 9:19 PM in the place where I live. Capricorn season is almost here!

A couple of weeks ago, I published my 2019 Zodiac Sign of the Year Awards where Capricorn placed second-last, just ahead of perennial loser Gemini. The reason I put my own sign in the bottom two is because almost half of the horrible people in Donald Trump’s orbit are evil Capricorns. Most of the others are two-faced Geminis (like Trump himself), with a few other signs thrown in by the universe for good measure.

Of course, that doesn’t make me like my own sign any less. I just understand that there are good and bad things about every sign, and that there are good and bad people born under every sign.

Take Elvis Presley, for example. I have the feeling that if he was around today, he’d probably be a Trump supporter. Nevertheless, I still worship the ground he walked on, and I use him as an example of many of the more-notable characteristics of his sign when I’m discussing Capricorn natives in general.

Curiously, romanticizing someone like Elvis is one of the least Capricorn-like things that I do. It reveals more about my nostalgic Cancer moon than it does about my sun sign.

Capricorn can be the most unsentimental sign of the zodiac. It’s a place where reality often slaps us across the face while shouting “What were you thinking?” Hopefully, that will be the trend over the next thirty days while the sun transits the sign, making harmonious aspects with every planet from Jupiter outward along the way. It’s going to force us to take a good look at the notion of truth itself. It’s like when I have to remind myself that the Elvis I adored in “Viva Las Vegas” is the same Elvis who died on a toilet after years of drug abuse when he was barely in his forties — about twelve years younger than I am today. Yikes!

Anyway, it’s time for a major reality check. Are you ready for Capricorn season?

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