Kylie Minogue (source: SoundCloud)

I’m feeling quite invincible today. Not only do I have the moon in my first house, but I’ve also had Mercury forming beneficial aspects to my natal planets over the past couple of days, making me feel mentally sharp and rather eloquent.

But perhaps I need to keep that feeling of invincibility in check. Transiting Mars forms a conjunction with my natal Neptune in the second house tomorrow — something that only happens every couple of years. Mars can represent recklessness and Neptune can represent delusion in the horoscope, while the second house can represent a place where we find it easy to stand our ground.

I do feel like giving the middle finger to anyone who has had the nerve to treat me badly, sort of like Kylie Minogue in the song “Get Outta My Way.” I’m going to try to keep those feelings to myself, though. In this holiday season, what the world needs is a little more grace and humility, not another jerk with an over-inflated ego pushing his way through the crowds at the mall or telling random strangers in the lineup at Marshalls what he really thinks of them.

So instead of saying “Get Outta My Way,” I’m going to try to keep to myself. I’m not feeling antisocial — quite the opposite, really — but I do know that I can be obnoxious when I encounter inconsiderate or rude people; I sometimes take things personally even when they weren’t directed at me personally. Avoiding situations that might set me off is the best thing I can do for myself this weekend.

You can all thank me later . . .

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