De La Soul (source: discogs.com)

Here’s a picture of my favorite album of all time. Thirty years ago, this was the cassette you couldn’t pry out of my Sony Walkman. Yes, I’m old.

Anyway, the reason that I was thinking about this album is because Mercury is about to move into my third house where it will join the sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. With the exception of Jupiter, those planets will all meet up within a degree of my IC on January 12. Now that’s something to look forward to . . . or at least I hope it is.

Curiously, the last time something like this happened to me was in January of 1989 when the sun, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all gathered in my third house.

1989 was a big year for me because that was the year that I started university. It was also the year that I discovered the soundtrack to my life (as noted above). In retrospect, the thing that was the most-notable about the year was the cultural shift that resulted in things like the emergence of De La Soul, the Grunge Era, and the backlash against fashion in general. While all those planets were in Capricorn, the seeds of this new era were planted.

I know that many people look at Capricorn as a conservative sign, but I look it as a place in the zodiac where evolution occurs. Of course, Capricorn occupies the majority of my third house and my IC: the place in my chart where planets start rising to the top again. It’s a bizarre coincidence that my favorite album of all time alludes to the notion of both “three” and “rising,” I cannot look at the significance of that title and the astrological similarities between 1989 and 2020 and not make a connection between the two. That’s what astrologers do.

So, I’m hopeful about this new era and what it is ushering in for me. In the lexicon of De La Soul, I feel as if I’ve rediscovered DA Inner Sound, Y‘all. It’s the return of the D.A.I.S.Y. age, and I couldn’t be more optimistic about my future.

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