Classic Blue (source: Time)

Just a few days after Jupiter entered Capricorn, the Pantone Color Institute has named “Classic Blue” as the 2020 Color of the Year.

As a Capricorn, I refuse to use the word “classic” to define anything Capricorn-like. We Capricorns are hardly the most rigid individuals in the zodiac. Capricorn is a cardinal sign. The cardinal quality reveals a straightforward orientation. Sure, the earth element endows us with some major gravitas, but it is in our nature to move headfirst into the future, even if we do it at a pace that may seem unreasonably slow to the rest of you.

In “Star Struck Style,” I actually discuss the word “classic” in the context of another cardinal sign where it is often misused. I wrote the following passage to discuss the meaning of the word in the Cancer chapter:

“I have to admit that I loathe the word ‘classic’ in most instances because it seems to be used by people who have no concept of fashion history. Unless you are discussing things like pants with two legs or shirts that include a head-hole, a garment that is considered to be a classic in this decade is unlikely to be deemed a classic in the next decade. Fashion is fickle and everything changes all the time, including the classics.”

So, to see a color that is considered to be a “classic” chosen as the Color of the Year at a time when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all transiting Capricorn doesn’t bother me as much as the word “classic” itself. It implies fixity. We Capricorns may be heavy, but we are not fixed.

Nevertheless, I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of the word over the next several months because that’s just how the world perceives the sign of Capricorn. It’s no surprise to me to see a color with this name ushered into the Pantone pantheon in the same week that Jupiter entered my sign. They could have named it almost anything else, but . . .

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