Amanda Lepore (source: NY Times)

December 5 is Amanda Lepore’s birthday.

I don’t want to start analyzing Amanda Lepore’s natal chart as if I’m looking for an indicator to explain why she chose to pursue a gender transition in her teens. I’m sure that there are astrologers out there who specialize in gender studies. I’m not one of them.

However, I am an expert on the conscious construction of self-image and how that relates to an individual’s horoscope. Unfortunately, an accurate time of birth plays a major role in the way people express themselves. Without that piece of information, I’m engaging in nothing more than idle speculation.

Nevertheless, I am going to speculate that Amanda Lepore was born before 8:30 AM (using the date of birth I found on astro.com) That would mean that Mercury was still in Scorpio on her birthday, just about to move forward into Sagittarius.

Having Mercury in the last degree of Scorpio is a much stronger position for the planet, and it also goes a long way in explaining why Amanda Lepore knew from such a young age that a gender transition — or transformation — was in her future. A time of birth around 7:00 AM would not only put the sun in Sagittarius in the first house (a rather out-there placement), but it would also put both Mercury and Neptune in the twelfth house, confirming my suspicions that Amanda Lepore’s relationship with cosmetic surgery was written in the stars.

I’d love to know what time she was born! She has a chart that really isn’t that remarkable until you put the planets into very specific positions. It would be a thrill for me to discover that I did that without actually knowing her time of birth. Maybe she’ll stumble across this post one day and drop me a line to let me know.

Call me, Amanda . . .

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