Justin Trudeau & Friends (source: ABC News)

Astrologically speaking, Justin Trudeau and I are cut from the same cloth: we both have the sun in Capricorn, Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Aquarius.

However, we’re cut a little differently, like a piece of cloth cut on the weave vs. a piece of cloth cut on the bias. His Capricorn sun is opposite my Cancer moon by mere minutes. His Aries moon sits opposite his natal Uranus almost exactly on the same axis as my ascendant/descendant. Those are some rather discordant aspects, so I can understand why he rubs me the wrong way even though we have so much in common.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump just left London in a huff after Justin Trudeau was caught mocking the Manchurian Pumpkin (click the link above) and his innate predisposition toward idiocy. Even Boris Johnson — another Gemini — was in on the conversation!

So, if I had to pick a side between the two politicians, would I choose the smug, gossipy Capricorn with whom I share not only three natal planets, but also my Canadian citizenship and undeniable good looks, or would I choose the crybaby Gemini who throws a tantrum every time he doesn’t gets the praise he believes he deserves?

Don’t make me choose . . .

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