Current Planets (source:

Get a load of this screencap I just snipped from There are currently no planets in air signs, and just the sun and Chiron in fire signs. All the other planets are in either earth or water signs.

I don’t know if having no major heavenly bodies in air signs really affects the current cosmic climate, but I do know that I woke up this morning only to hear the most disturbing statistics being read out loud by one of the anchors on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” A huge percentage of Americans couldn’t name more than one branch of their own government. In astrology, of course, the air element is associated with intellect.

This culture of stupidity that is suffocating civilization as we know it is truly embarrassing. In a world where you virtually have a library in your hand every time you pick up your phone and connect to the internet, no one should be an uneducated idiot. But that isn’t stopping anyone! In fact, people are reveling in their ignorance and perpetuating the myth that education somehow makes you into a member of the dreaded “liberal elite.”

This anti-intellectual movement didn’t start today, but I did wake up today with the planets in this curious configuration and the idea in my head that I’m not even going to try to argue with morons any more. There is no point. I’ll be smart and you can be stupid.

Ahhh! What a breath of fresh air it was to put that out into the universe . . .

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