Cyber Monday (source: MGM Resorts)

So, what happens when Cyber Monday falls on the same day that Jupiter enters Capricorn?

The numbers are going to look good at first glance, but plenty of the shopping has already occurred. Thanksgiving Day itself is pulling a substantial amount of dollars away from both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Still, when the long weekend is viewed as a whole, the numbers will likely meet expectations.

However, I don’t believe that the numbers are going to hold up when the entire holiday season is assessed shortly after Christmas. And if even if they do hold up, they won’t support the notion that people have more money to spend. Instead, record-high consumer debt will continue to mirror record-high corporate debt. Jupiter in Capricorn (along with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn) will reveal the worst of what is wrong with the current American economy: barely anyone really “owns” anything.

And then this bubble will burst. The overconfidence of Jupiter in Sagittarius will be replaced by the economy of Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter in Capricorn can indicate either the continuation of slow and steady growth (1996) or the contraction of an inflated economy (2007). If I had any money, I’d put it on the latter scenario.

So, don’t let the early numbers fool you. In a few hours from now, Capricorn is going to drop anchor and the knock the wind out of the sails of the American economy.

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