Demi Moore (source: E!)

Venus enters Capricorn this evening where it will remain until December 20.

There is a little bit of 1989 in the air right now as Venus is travelling ahead of the sun, about four weeks before the sun moves into Capricorn (where it will form some major conjunctions with a few outer planets that are transiting the sign). Saturn is there again as it was three decades ago, but instead of Uranus and Neptune joining the party, this time Jupiter and Pluto will be the special guests (once Jupiter makes its big entrance on December 2).

The last few weeks of a decade are a time to not only look back at where we’ve come from, but also to look forward to where we are going. With Venus in Capricorn, a planet that is connected with taste is transiting a sign that is connected to time. Consequently, we might just be a little more judgmental than usual during the next few weeks. However, it won’t be that Virgo-like critical judgment that normally characterizes the final days of the year, but rather Capricorn-like uppitiness: the kind of snobbery that makes you look back at Demi Moore’s 1989 Oscar red-carpet outfit with derision rather than delight.

That would be a mistake, though. If Saturn in Capricorn teaches us anything, it’s that nothing in fashion is “classic,” and that good taste is the most overrated force in the universe. Self-deprecation is the Capricorn way. Only when we learn to laugh at ourselves can we truly begin to appreciate just how ridiculous keeping up with the trends can be. Venus is not only the planet connected with taste, but it’s also a lighthearted planet that inspires us to be nice to both ourselves and those around us. When Jupiter joins it in Capricorn in December, we should all look back at the past ten years through a less-serious lens. Instead of loathing how we looked in the past, we can be happy that we live in a world where most of us can waste time worrying about the way we look. Not everyone has that opportunity.

So let’s all leave that “I know better than you” bullshit behind us for now and turn our collective gaze forward to the decade ahead of us. Capricorn is also a cardinal sign: implicitly advancing rather than vacillating or staying in one place, and always striving for something better. With easygoing Venus in the sign, striving for something better should be easy for all of us over the next few weeks.

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