Lilly Pulitzer (source: nytimes.com)

November 10 is Lilly Pulitzer’s birthday.

Lilly Pulitzer will forever be known as the queen of the summery, floral print. For that reason, I was sort of surprised to discover that she was a Scorpio who most likely had a Scorpio moon. Nothing about Scorpio says “breezy florals” or “South Beach style.”

She also had Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Sagittarius. That means that Mercury (a planet that I associate with bright, summery prints) was in its detriment, which makes no sense at all. Her natal Saturn was strongly-placed in Capricorn, which also makes me scratch my head.

This is one of those charts that makes me wonder if the year of birth listed on public records is accurate. Sometimes you hear stories about people lying about their date of birth for some reason, and then coming clean about the lie decades later.

Whatever the case, there is nothing in Lilly Pulitzer’s chart that reflects her greatest contribution to fashion; the so-called “Lilly Pulitzer print.” In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever come across a designer’s natal chart that discredits my theories about fashion and astrology more.

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