Donald Trump (source: CBS)

Just a few minutes ago, the House of Representatives voted to formalize the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

Of course, I couldn’t be happier on a day when I’m dealing with a rather star-crossed sky. But I’m feeling good, and that has left me wondering once again about the roles of the so-called benefics and malefics in my own chart. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m the sort of guy who deals better with bad planetary alignments than with good planetary alignments. I get way too optimistic when Venus and Jupiter are making positive aspects to my natal planets, for instance. That’s when things get bad for me. When Mars and Saturn are involved, I tend to behave myself. I expect the worst, so I do my best to stay out of trouble.

Curiously, Donald Trump has a big lineup between a transiting malefic and a benefic natal planet today: Mars is conjunct his natal Jupiter in his second house. “Cafe Astrology” offers this interesting interpretation of the conjunction:

“You are likely to feel especially energized and enthusiastic about what you believe in or regarding business ventures. The desire to do something about your beliefs or ideals is strong now, or you are in a position to stand up for your beliefs. Your sense of timing is excellent, all things considered. You more readily take chances, and you feel especially strong, positive, adventurous, confident, and energetic. You are looking to expand something right now–the bigger the better. You are competitive in a friendly manner, and you readily rise to a challenge now. You tend to do things in a big way. You may need to avoid the traps of overconfidence, arrogance, haste, or taking on too much.”

I suppose that the last sentence of that paragraph is the most prescient. The Shitbag-in-Chief is already Tweeting garbage and the White House has released a statement so loaded with lies it’s difficult to read without laughing out loud. Anyway, if hubris is indeed the negative side of this aspect between Mars and Jupiter, I’ll be happy to watch his malignant hubris metastasize like a tumor and put an end to him once and for all. Perhaps he should have considered “taking on too much” before he ran for President.

I did notice something interesting when I looked at the charts of three of his adult children: Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr. All three have significant cardinal planets at 15-17°, like me. Again, I thought that I would be having a terrible week because of the current Mars/Saturn square at the aforementioned cardinal points in my horoscope, but as I already stated, I tend to handle myself well during these stressful episodes. Plus, I haven’t earned a lifetime of bad Karma. Maybe today is a good day for me because I haven’t been an asshole for my entire life.

Regardless of what I forecast for myself over the past few weeks, today is a happy day for me. Next time the stars line up in this manner, I’m not going to expect the worst.

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