Justin Trudeau (source: Financial Times)

Justin Trudeau was reelected as Canada’s Prime Minister last night. Without getting too deep into the politics of the Canadian election, I’d like to discuss the natal chart of Justin Trudeau and how it compares to my natal chart.

Trudeau is one of the celebrities with whom I have the most in common astrologically. Still, he rubs me the wrong way (even though I voted for his party last night simply because he wasn’t a bible-thumping, American passport-holding shithead with financial ties to the Trump cult and a party platform that includes tax cuts for the rich).

We not only share our Capricorn suns, but also Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Aquarius. That profile is shared by one in every 180 people. Where our charts differ, however, is significant.

Trudeau’s sun is opposite my Cancer natal moon by mere minutes. His Aries moon is opposite my ascending degree in Libra by mere minutes, too. What’s more, his natal Jupiter in Sagittarius is opposite my natal Jupiter in Gemini with a very tight orb.

With so much in common, we should be more alike. I can see the similarities in our charts, but I can see some major differences besides the rather tense aspects I just mentioned. Trudeau has Saturn elevated in his chart in the tenth house — a very ambitious placement. That sort of ambition is lacking in my chart. In fact, with Saturn in my fifth house, and my Cancer moon elevated in the ninth house, I can understand why I would rather be recognized for what I’ve written (and what I’ve published) than for the power I’ve amassed. With his Virgo rising and fifth-house sun, Trudeau’s work in the public sector is his life. My Libra rising isn’t nearly so focused. I’d rather achieve a work/life balance that doesn’t allow me to grow tired of anything I’m doing. When I concentrate too much on one thing, I begin to associate that thing with oppression.

I believe that Trudeau is where he needs to be. He’s a decent guy, a capable administrator and an admirable figurehead. Even if he does rub me the wrong way, I don’t blame him for everything that is wrong in Canada politically. And yet I just can’t get behind his style of leadership because I’m not the type of person who uses empathy to achieve a personal goal. Still, I’m also not the kind of person who reads Ayn Rand and complains that people aren’t saying “Merry Christmas” any more. I guess that puts me somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum.

But I said I wasn’t going to get too deep into politics. Oh well! Sometimes we Capricorns can’t help ourselves . . .

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