Ryan Reynolds (source: Time)

October 23 is Ryan Reynolds’ birthday.

I don’t remember ever looking up Ryan Reynolds’ chart before. I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised that he’s a Scorpio with a Scorpio moon considering his success in playing the lead character in the “Deadpool” films. A mercenary asshole who is transformed into a crime-fighting asshole seems like a fairly Scorpionic plot to me.

I actually like a lot of the Scorpio natives I meet, although some of the worst personal relationships I’ve ever had have been with Scorpios. I use the word “inconsiderate” to describe them over and over again because I’ve been treated so inconsiderately by Scorpio individuals. Of all the astrological biases I continue to hang on to (despite my knowledge of how astrology works and the fact that I should know better), my reluctance to get close to Scorpio natives is only eclipsed by my aversion to Gemini natives in general. Don’t even get me started about those Geminis!

Anyway, one of the most interesting things about Ryan Reynolds’ horoscope is that his four Scorpio planets and his north node all reside in the second house (using the Placidus system, of course). This mitigates the stellium and provides his chart with some much-needed balance. He would probably be more like his “Deadpool” character in real life if it were not for the layout of the houses in his natal chart.

But he’s not like that. In fact, he’s very down-to-earth and very charming. His relationship with his Virgo wife, Blake Lively, seems like one of the most solid relationships in show business. The way that the two of them tease each other on social media can make someone as jaded as me believe that true love actually exists. Also, he is from Western Canada, so what isn’t there to like about him?

And now if you’ll excuse me, with the sun about to enter Scorpio in just a couple of hours, I’ve got a whole bunch of unflattering Scorpio celebrity profiles to write. Old habits are hard to break!

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