Judge Judy
Judge Judy (source: Variety)

October 21 is Judge Judy’s birthday.

I don’t have a time of birth for Judge Judy, but I believe that she was born late in the day. The moon moved from Pisces to Aries just before 5:00 PM on her birthday, so there is a reasonable chance that she has an Aries moon.

Why do I believe that? I follow a lot of people on Twitter who hate Donald Trump. When I was writing a post about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just the other day, I discovered a whole bunch of Trump-hating, Twitter-loving Libra women who have their natal moons in Aries.

Now I don’t know how Judge Judy feels about Donald Trump as President, but that doesn’t matter. What I do know is that typical Libra passiveness gets a big dose of aggressiveness when paired with an Aries moon. Of course, I’m biased toward people who have their natal sun and moon in opposite signs because that’s how the luminaries are situated in my horoscope. I not only understand how the combination endows an individual with balance, but I also understand how opposite signs are complementary. In astrology, opposite signs actually have more in common than the word “opposite” implies.

Judge Judy needs that balance in her chart. She has the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune in Libra. Her Libra stellium goes a long way to explain why she has become the face of jursiprudence, but an Aries moon would explain her inability to take any bullshit. A time of birth later in the day would also mean that she was likely to have her Libra stellium located in a angular house. An 11:00 PM birth time would put those planets in the hard-boiled fourth house, as well as elevating her Aries moon in the ambitious tenth house. Her natal Jupiter in Cancer would also move into the first house (a fortunate position), as that speculative time of birth would endow her with a Cancer ascendant. She definitely has a cardinal nature, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see the angular houses highlighted in her horoscope in the manner I’ve described.

I’m just speculating now, but that’s what I do. If anyone else has any other theories about Judge Judy’s chart, I would love to hear them. Let’s discuss how wrong you can be . . .

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