Nancy Pelosi & Donald Trump (source: MSNBC)

Stupid Donald Trump had a bad day yesterday, but he didn’t know it because he’s stupid. He even Tweeted this photo of Nancy Pelosi standing up to him because he thought that it would make her look bad. He’s not accustomed to anyone standing up to him, and he’s too stupid to understand that their defiance might be perceived as a good thing to anyone who comprehends the depths of his stupidity.

In other news, Mitch McConnell told the Senate to prepare for an inevitable impeachment trial sometime around American Thanksgiving. Astrologically, that’s terrific news!

Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, just a few days after Thanksgiving. For a couple of years, I’ve been predicting a return to normalcy in US politics due to the transits of several planets though Capricorn. I may have expected too much from the transit of Jupiter through Scorpio last year (a rather Karmic position), but I also predicted that Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius would create even deeper idealistic divides between the right and the left.

When Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for a twelve-month stay, I believe that moderation will return to politics in general. Capricorn is a productive sign, despite its association with the establishment and conservatism in general. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a radical position where the planet that rules the sign compels individuals to fight for their beliefs with no regard for the beliefs that inform the politics of the other side. There has been little room for compromise with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn. And don’t even get me started about Pluto’s transit through Capricorn!

Anyway, I believe that Donald Trump is going to be impeached in the Senate because he is demonstrating that he is completely unequipped mentally and temperamentally to do the job he was elected to do. Once Jupiter enters Capricorn, it is going to become apparent to those individuals who have supported him that he is doing irreparable damage to the United States of America.

I hope I’m right. I’ve been predicting his downfall using astrology for quite some time, and predicting a return to a more pragmatic political state in general. The tribalism that has peaked while Jupiter has transited Sagittarius is going to give way to something more workable when the planet enters Capricorn.

I’m ready for for a year of dull, uneventful politics. How about you?

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