Ten Dollar Bill (source: Bank of Canada)

Mercury entered my second house on Sunday. It’s going to be there a while because of its upcoming retrograde cycle. In mid-November, it slips back into my first house where it stations just a little more than a degree away from my second house cusp before going direct. That brief respite lasts about nine days. Once the planet moves back into my second house around November 25, it will remain there until December 19.

Right now, it’s all alone in my second house. That might be a good thing because it has made me conscious of how much my spending habits have changed since I started working at the gym where I’ve been volunteering since 1991. Getting out of the retail business has also got me out of the sort of environment where I shop continuously for things I really don’t need. As a result, I’ve actually paid down some bills even though I’m making less money than I did before.

I knew that this was happening before Mercury entered my second house (it’s been a month since I changed jobs). Still, I hadn’t actually sat down and evaluated my current financial situation until now. It’s kind of a surprise to see something positive coming from this change. It makes me wonder what’s going to happen when Venus moves into my second house next weekend. Will I want to spend more or will I want to save more? And what will happen when the sun and Mars follow Venus into that sector?

After a brief period where all four of those planets were traveling awfully close together, I’m trying to pay attention to what happens when they begin to spread out across a few signs. With Mercury leading the charge (and money on my mind), its transit through the second house is the most obvious thing to study. Still, it’s going to be interesting to see what occurs when it begins its retrograde cycle. While it’s moving backwards through my chart, it will form conjunctions with both Venus and the sun in my second house. Mars never actually catches up to Mercury, but it will be sharing the second house with the planet for a short time in December.

I want to try to focus on my financial situation during these second house transits because I would love to pay down the debts I’ve accrued over the past couple of years during a period of relative underemployment that coincided with stupid Jupiter transiting my second house and making me feel as if I had far more money than I actually did. It would be terrific to begin 2020 with the feeling that I was moving in the right direction.

I think it might happen. I’m feeling quite positive about the direction I’m headed.

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