Thanksgiving (source:

It’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada on Monday. Like a lot of other Canadians, I’ll be celebrating the day before. Many of us pig out on Sunday so that we can spend the holiday Monday recovering from the damage we’ve done to our digestive systems.

What makes this Thanksgiving special is that there is a full moon on Sunday just around dinner time in much of Canada. The full moon can be a time of crisis, and with this full moon forming a near-perfect square with Pluto, there might be a few fights breaking out around those typically peaceful Canadian dinner tables this weekend.

Why do I predict that we’ll be arguing with one another instead of stuffing our faces? The moon will be emboldened, opposing the sun from aggressive Aries. The Libra sun is a passive position, but it can be passive/aggressive, egging us on to say exactly the wrong thing when we’re feeling attacked. At the same time, both the luminaries will be in a tight square with Pluto. I read the phrase “tense realizations” on the always succinct Cafe Astrology to describe this aspect.

So, what will we realize? If the dinner table talk turns to politics (as it is likely to do with a Canadian federal election only days away), we all might be realizing exactly where our family members stand on various issues. If we don’t agree with each other, things are going to get ugly. We won’t be able to help ourselves!

My advice is to shut up and avoid ruining a perfectly good holiday. There will always be another day to yell at each other. In fact, this 20° cardinal point in the sky where all this planetary action occurs will be highlighted again right around Christmas when Saturn returns to the same spot. Perhaps cooler heads will prevail when we revisit our differences on that day? Stranger things have happened.

Anyway, if you have to have to keep your mouth full just to keep yourself from saying the wrong thing this weekend, be thankful that you’ve got a valid strategy to avoid the worst of what this full moon has to offer. Things could be worse. Much, much worse . . .

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