Eyes (source: The List)

I made a mistake while writing my blog post yesterday.

It wasn’t really a big deal — I just mixed up a couple of astrological occurrences. Still, I don’t usually do things like that. I also don’t let them get to me . . . or at least I usually don’t let them get to me.

However, yesterday was different. I realized what I had done much later in the day while I was walking to work. It just popped into my head like a bolt from the blue. Then I became obsessed with the idea of fixing my mistake before anyone else realized that I had even made a mistake. It got me out of bed too early this morning because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Anyway, Mars moved into Libra yesterday. It was already in my delusional twelfth house. My friend Tracy, a terrific astrologer, makes a pretty big deal about Libra being the sign of the zodiac that is the most concerned with appearances and the opinions of others. She always talks about the “people pleasing” nature of the sign, just like I always talk about Gemini natives being horrible. I know, right?

With Mars suddenly situated in Libra in my twelfth house, all I could think about is how disappointed anyone who discovered my mistake would be with me. It was as if all my energy (Mars) was irrationally focused (the twelfth house) on the idea that everyone was watching me (Libra).

Of course, we all make mistakes — I’m no exception to that rule. I might be a little harder on myself than most people when I do something dumb, but I try not to allow things like that to get to me. Still, I don’t know why this particular incident got to me. It really is making me reconsider my friend’s assumptions regarding the sign of Libra. I think she’s right. It’s something that I’m going to need to explore a little more in the future.

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