Monique Samuels & Family (source: Bravo)

October 6 is Monique Samuels’ birthday.

I wasn’t quite sure about Monique Samuels when she introduced herself to the ladies of the “Real Housewives of Potomac” with some freestyle rapping, but she’s grown on me. I think she’s hilarious and a very typical example of a Libra — perhaps the most Libra-like housewife in the history of the franchise.

I was not surprised to discover that she has a Libra moon alongside her Libra sun (Pluto is in the sign, as well). What did surprise me, though, was the discovery that she has Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo. Gizelle Bryant is a Virgo. To see their charts side-by-side makes me believe that they have far more in common than I realized. It makes me believe that they don’t get along because they see their worst qualities mirrored in each other.

So, let’s talk about that! I’ve never really looked at their relationship that way before because so much of the screen time on RHOP is eaten up by the manufactured drama between the rest of the cast members. However, when Monique and Gizelle get together, there’s actual tension. As the saying goes, they rub each other the wrong way.

Despite having a lot in common, Gizelle has far more fixed planets in her chart than Monique. It’s probably a lot more difficult to change Gizelle’s mind about anything than it is to get Monique to reconsider the way she thinks. Perhaps that’s why Gizelle has never really been able to let go of her first impression of Monique. Also, Gizelle has a few grudge-holding, Scorpionic influences in her horoscope.

Monique, on the other hand, has a ton of planets in mutable signs. She’s far more wishy-washy than she realizes. After watching her on the show for a couple of seasons, I’ve come to understand that she isn’t the badass she first made herself out to be. The combination of classic Libra characteristics combined with mutable influences gives her far more bluster than brawn in most of her personal exchanges.

Nevertheless, there are those similarities that manifest themselves in a very obvious fashion. I hope that they begin to see how much they have in common because I would love to see them sitting on the same side of the couch on a “Potomac” reunion show. Maybe they won’t see the worst in one another if they aren’t facing each other.

I think I’m on to something there! Hmm . . .

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