Ross Mathews (source: Just Jared)

Yesterday was a good day for me. Both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson had terrible days, so there was that. Also, Ross Mathews got back to me with his time of birth.

He was born at 10:51 AM, giving him a 12°30″ Scorpio rising. That puts his Scorpio moon a few degrees behind his ascendant in the twelfth house, and it ensures that his natal Mars was still in Cancer when he was born (as I mentioned yesterday, it moved into Leo in the afternoon).

A few other interesting things appeared when I pulled up his chart. His four Libra planets (the sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto) all ended up in the eleventh house. It’s no surprise that he has been able to master so many different aspects of media with those planetary placements. Also, his natal Jupiter in the final degree of Leo is elevated about four degrees away from his midheaven in the tenth house. That’s the thing that interests me the most.

Elevated in Leo in the ninth house, Jupiter can reveal the personality of a braggart, or even someone who hasn’t had to work very hard to receive both the praise of others and material rewards. In the tenth house, however, the planet behaves differently. Success is mostly met with self-doubt. An individual with Jupiter in Leo elevated in the tenth will always wonder if they’ve just got lucky, and it will make them work harder to be gracious and humble the more successful they become. Sharing the same house as the north node and Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter will never take its blessings for granted. There is a voice in Ross Mathews’ head that is constantly telling him that it could all be over tomorrow.

So, I guess that I’m saying that Ross is probably as nice as he appears to be on TV. He’s a living saint — the Mother Teresa of reality TV. I know, right?

I also noticed that transiting Jupiter is about to cross over Ross’ natal Neptune in the second house. I had the same thing happen to me a couple of years ago, and I published a few blog posts about how weird and prophetic my dreams became for a while. I also had a little trouble sleeping for the first time in my entire life (usually, I sleep like I’m dead). That’s happening to Ross right now! If I remember correctly, I coped with the situation by going to bed drunk more often than usual. Jupiter was experiencing a station in my own chart when this happened, so the phenomenon lasted for a few weeks. It should be a short-lived phase for Ross.

Looking further ahead, he has a new book coming out in February next year just as transiting Jupiter will be entering his third house. A couple of weeks after the release date, he’ll be busy. With both Jupiter and Saturn in the same sector, he should be able to balance his loquaciousness with his desire to tell a story with a meaningful message, despite Saturn’s “heavy” presence. It all bodes well for him. And when the grand conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn occurs in December 2020, it’s going to form a trine with his natal sun, mitigating the fact that it is also opposing his natal Mars.

It’s as if every cloud in his chart has a silver lining. When something bad reveals itself, something good pops up to make it all okay. As far as I can tell, Ross Mathews is going to continue to be a pretty lucky guy for the foreseeable future.

Maybe we should meet at the penny slots . . .

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