Ross Mathews (source: Just Jared)

September 24 is Ross Mathews’ birthday.

I like Ross Mathews a lot. He’d probably like me, too, because we both take pleasure in so many of the same things: RuPaul, “Big Brother,” terrible puns, garish prints, fruity cocktails, penny slot machines — the list goes on!

I had a look at his natal chart to see if there was anything interesting about the guy that I could glean without a time of birth. He definitely has the sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Libra. His moon is definitely in Scorpio. However, Mars switched signs from Cancer to Leo at 2:21 PM in Washington on the day he was born, so I cannot interpret its placement without setting myself up for failure. I will note that his natal Saturn is uncomfortably close to my natal Uranus. I know, right?

Anyway, with all those Libra planets he provides a much-needed counterpart to the other judges on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” especially Michelle Visage. She is a notorious nit-picker (as her Virgo sun sign should indicate). Ross’ first impulse on the panel is to provide balance to her critiques: exactly what I would expect from someone with such a strong Libra presence in his chart. It makes the act of judging people who are trying their best to impress seem lighter, less serious, and not nearly as belittling as it could be.

I don’t believe that Ross is playing “good cop/bad cop” with Michelle Visage on purpose because I believe that it is in his nature to not delve so deeply into the performances of the queens. Libra can be a superficial sign. I have Libra rising in my own horoscope and I am able to enjoy things for their surface value without over-analyzing them. It’s a gift from the heavens, like my good looks and legendary modesty.

I would love to know what time Ross Mathews was born. I hope that he stumbles over this post someday and drops me a line. It would be fun to study his chart in greater depth. Still, I guess I’m just as happy to gloss over it without having to work too hard. That’s the Libra way!

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