Canadian Snake (source: Cottage Life)

Just a couple of days ago, Saturn finally moved a degree away from my natal sun during its retrograde pass over that part of my chart. I typically perk up when the sun moves into Virgo (and my corresponding eleventh house), but I’ve been hoping for a bigger burst of energy because this August has been rough.

I can take the slowdown that accompanies this uncommon transit. However, what I can’t take is the decrease in my vitality. It’s not like me to feel as if I am dragging myself around. I may not have the perkiest demeanor, but I am freakishly energetic by nature.

The Astro Codex, a terrific online resource for astrologers, defines Saturn in Capricorn for Capricorns such as me like this:

” . . . when Saturn transits the sign of Capricorn, he is in his own realm. During this movement, he will conjunct the natal Sun of all people whose sign is Capricorn. A positive thing though, is that Capricorn natives already carry the energies of the planet in them. This makes this transit quite easier for them than for any other sign. We cannot say that it will be of a mellow nature; on the contrary. But as real mountain goats, our fellow Capricorns know the Saturnian rough terrain quite well, which makes it quite easy for them to adapt to this temporary upheaval. They already natally have inside them the necessary seriousness and cold-bloodedness, the logic and the tactics, quite everything that Saturn desires. Thus, the ringed planet is a lot less strict towards his own children. They are born ready for such challenges, and they are able to go through them without too many hassles.”

I get that. In fact, I’ve bragged about understanding the slow pace that accompanies this transit several times on this blog. But what I haven’t discussed is the fact that I feel like a cold-blooded snake when Saturn is within a degree of my sun. It’s difficult for me to get moving. I’ve been struggling to write with any fervor. I’ve been swallowing my food without chewing and napping for hours afterward. I’m surprised I haven’t shed my skin yet.

This event is going to recur from mid-October through mid-November. Hopefully, this pass of Saturn over my natal sun will be one where I build upon what I’ve learned over this period, and not one where I feel like going into hibernation two months before the actual arrival of winter (like we Canadian snakes actually do). While all of this happening, I’m actually going to have energetic Mars transiting my ascendant and my first house. That should be enough to make me slither my way out of this final phase of this cycle with a welcome sense of urgency.

I hope so! I can’t take much more of this cosmic slowdown. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sun myself on a rock . . .

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