Jar Jar (source: NME)

Just the other day, my birthday post about Cara Delevingne devolved quickly into a discussion of a pregnant friend of mine and my prediction regarding her delivery date. I insisted that her baby would be born early, near the full on Thursday, where it would have an Aquarius moon, and the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Leo.

Of course, that happened because I’m the best astrologer ever! The baby girl was born at 9:00 PM on the nose (which technically was Thursday in most of the world considering that we live in the west).

I had mentioned that a baby born with the same sun/moon/Mercury positions as Cara Delevingne would also share that combination of planets with Sandra Bullock, Shawn Mendes, Gillian Anderson, Simon Baker, Helen Mirren, Billy Bob Thornton, Eric Bana, Andy Samberg and Viola Davis — a good-looking crowd, if you ask me. I haven’t seen the baby yet, but she also has Venus almost exactly conjunct the sun. She should be attractive, and even if she isn’t, she should be able to convince everyone that she is. It’s a charismatic aspect.

I had told my friend that if I correctly predicted the birth date, that I should be able to name the baby. I picked “Jar Jar” because it’s obviously a terrific unisex name. Unfortunately, my friend is an untrustworthy Scorpio who went back on our deal and named her baby something else. Never trust a Scorpio.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty good at predicting baby arrival dates in the past. I’m starting to think that it might be a specialty of mine, like naming babies. If anyone out there is pregnant and curious about their delivery date, you can drop me a line in the comments section. I won’t charge you for my services if you promise to use the name I choose . . .

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