Paul & Dorit (source: Reality Blurb)

August 17 is Paul Kemsley’s birthday.

I wasn’t able to confirm P.K.’s birthday so I’m not even going to try to construct a natal chart for him. Just a few weeks ago, I discussed Dorit Kemsley on this blog shortly after I discovered that she had mentioned her birthday on her Instagram account. In that post, she personally corrected the inaccurate date that had been recorded on many websites, including the error-ridden “Famous Birthdays” site where I found P.K.’s birthday listed just a moment ago.

If he really is a Leo, he is the only Leo husband currently appearing on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Mauricio is a Cancer. Ken Todd is a Cancer, too. Thomas Girardi is a Gemini. Harry Hamlin is a Scorpio. Edwin Arroyave is probably an Aries, but his birth date is a little more difficult to confirm than the others. Aaron Phypers is a Virgo, and so is Camille’s new husband, David (if my sources are to be trusted).

Leos housewives have been in short supply on the “Housewives” shows. I’m not so sure about the husbands, though. To be honest, I don’t pay a lot of attention to them, but I’m trying to figure out how the stars of the Bravo universe get along for this new project I’m developing.

Leo husband/Cancer wife is an interesting combo because the signs really don’t have anything in common, yet they fit together like the separate halves of a yin and yang symbol. It’s probably a more-solid sun sign combo than a few of the other relationships on the show. However, there’s so much more to relationships than sun sign compatibility. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to write a book for the mass market that everyone can understand, you can’t start discussing moon, Venus and Mars sign synastry because you lose your audience really fast.

So, I’m not going to do that. As I attempt to put together a few sample chapters of this project to send to my agent in New York, I’m constantly reminded that I’m already speaking to a very specialized audience of “Real Housewives” astrology fans. I can’t afford to thin out that audience any more. It’s making it difficult for me to get something down on paper that makes me feel as if I’m serving all the fans.

I’m going to do this, though. I’m determined to follow through with this idea.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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