Tinsley Mortimer (source: Chicago Tribune)

August 11 is Tinsley Mortimer’s birthday.

I like Tinsley Mortimer. To me, she fits into the “Real Housewives of New York” perfectly because she’s at least as crazy as the rest of the cast.

When I wrote my “Real Housewives Zodiac Dream Team,” I picked Carole Radziwill as my Leo choice, but that was out of necessity. Tinsley had just joined the show and all I knew about her was that she used to be on a terrible reality show called “High Society.” Now that I know a little more about her, she’s my favorite Leo on any of the “Housewives” shows.

But what makes her a good example of her zodiac sign? She likes to dress up — or overdress — way too much. She almost always wears her blonde hair long. She sometimes wears her false eyelashes to bed. She once worked for Christian Dior (the quintessential Leonine label according to both of my books), just like her fellow Leos, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence. She hooks up with other Leos, only to realize later on that she’s made a terrible mistake. She’s a little too self-involved, but she is able to get a pass on her behavior most of the time because of her charming nature. She has an innate vitality that makes her seem younger than she actually is. The list goes on . . .

The most interesting thing about her natal chart (without a time of birth to put the planets into the houses) is that she has a Libra moon and Venus in Virgo. The Libra moon is a little superficial and quite passive. Venus in Virgo can be a tough placement, closing off emotional expression in situations where openness would be beneficial. Tinsley’s drunken breakdown at the circus was a classic Venus in Virgo episode. Drugs and/or alcohol can open the floodgates for someone with this typically “careful” placement. She also has a fairly close square between Mercury in Leo and Mars in Taurus, making her quite inarticulate and stubborn when she is angered. She’s quite awful at fighting her own battles because she trips over her words and becomes frustrated with herself.

I would love to know what time she was born. I should reach out to her or her mother to see what I can find out. I get such great feedback from these women on Twitter, and it wouldn’t surprise me if one of them lets me dive a little deeper into her natal chart sometime soon.

I’ll keep you all posted . . .

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