Cara Delevingne (source: models.com)

August 12 is Cara Delevingne’s birthday.

I have a pregnant friend who is just about to give birth. If I remember correctly, her due date is in a week from now. However, I’ve been telling her that she needs to go into labor this Thursday during the full moon so that she can have a Leo baby with an Aquarius moon. Also the sun is conjunct Venus on that day, so the baby will be beautiful. That’s how astrology works, right?

Anyway, I told her that if she did indeed give birth on Thursday morning, that her baby would have a lot in common with Kim Chi (whom I profiled a few posts back). I just discovered that it would also have the same sun/moon/Mercury combo as Cara Delevingne, one of the biggest moneymaking models in the world at the moment.

Seeing Cara Delevingne’s natal chart made me wonder who else has that same combo, and if those individuals also “give good face.” I did a quick search on astrotheme.com, and the results were amazing.

The first ten living persons whose names popped up were Sandra Bullock, Shawn Mendes, Cara Delevingne, Gillian Anderson, Simon Baker, Helen Mirren, Billy Bob Thornton, Eric Bana, Andy Samberg and Viola Davis.

What a good-looking crowd! Just the other day, I made a joke to my friend that we should go to the trampoline park. Now I’m ready to book that trip so that we can induce labor and get that baby to be born when the time is right!

Seriously, the old-wives tale that more babies are born during the full moon isn’t going to help. Of course, I’ve known that for years, although many astrologers claim that having a baby during the full moon is easier on the mother. What would be easier on all of us, though, was if the baby was beautiful. Do we really need more ugly children in the world?

I’m kidding! Still, I’m interested in how all of this is going to turn out. Stay tuned for live updates, from the trampoline park to the delivery room . . .

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