Andy Warhol (source:

August 6 is Andy Warhol’s birthday.

Astrotheme has a natal chart for Andy Warhol with a 6:30 AM time of birth. I’m always reluctant to discuss a chart with an estimated time of birth (typically indicated by a time exactly on the hour or half hour), but Andy Warhol’s chart makes a lot of sense to me.

If the time of birth listed is correct, Warhol’s sun was almost exactly conjunct his Leo ascendant from the twelfth house. That makes sense for a visual artist who was simultaneously the most “out-there” artist of the twentieth century and a man who hid behind wigs while he quietly observed the cacophony of the celebrity/consumer culture that surrounded him. It also makes sense that his Leo Mercury sat just behind the sun in the artistic twelfth house, and that his Leo Venus was situated just a little further ahead of the sun in the purposeful first house. His ninth house moon in Aries indicated a Jack-of-all-trades personality who was emotionally satisfied by doing things that he hadn’t done before.

Of course, looking at his chart makes me think about my own chart and my ninth house moon. I know that I’m a much happier person when I’m doing a lot of different things at once. I chalk that up to a lot of things, including all the planetary action in my third and ninth houses. What I haven’t explored is why I am terminally single, like Andy Warhol. I’m not really interested in pairing up and I never have been; that’s not what I believe would satisfy me emotionally. Is there a ninth-house component to the way I feel about romantic partnerships?

It’s something to think about. Perhaps I’ll explore that idea in the future, just like the other millions of things I tell myself I’m going to explore when I’m writing this blog . . .

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