Pete Burns (source: ABC News)

August 5 is Pete Burns birthday.

I looked through a ton of images of Pete Burns before I settled upon this one. I’d like to remember him as he appeared in my youth, not as he looked shortly before he died a few years ago.

Strangely, he shares his birthday with Jocelyn Wildenstein, the socialite who is widely considered to be the most-tragic example of cosmetic-surgery addiction that the world has ever known. Just before Pete Burns died, I found him to be just as difficult to look at. All I could think of when I saw him is “Why would anyone do that to themselves?”

But I know that he wasn’t going under the knife for me: he had his own life to live. I had a look at his natal chart to see if there was anything that stood out that would help me understand his motivations. What I discovered was sort of weird. Right here, right now, on this day when I decided to profile him, many elements of his chart line up closely with their placements in my natal chart. It’s kind of spooky, really.

I shouldn’t make another post about a celebrity birthday about me, but this is another one of those weird examples of synchronicity that I have been encountering because of the record I keep on this blog. Last year’s post had to do with me feeling underemployed and underappreciated while I compared the similarities of my natal chart with famed horoscope writer Sydney Omarr, a writer who had a Libra ascendant and a Cancer midheaven. Today’s post is about another one of my childhood idols (and all-around weirdo) who happens to have Libra rising and a Cancer midheaven. Also, I am officially unemployed as of this week and wondering why someone with my talent is once again looking for a higher purpose at this stage of my life.

That’s weird, isn’t it? I’m sitting here discussing something so similar to what I was discussing last year. It’s like I could set a clock to my state of mind on August 5. For months and months I’ve been noticing synchronous event after synchronous event in my life because of this blog.

I know that there are people out there who will just read that as vanity, but it’s really not. It’s intellectual curiosity about how astrology works in daily practice. In this case, seeing is believing: revisiting my work is making me understand my practice in a way that I didn’t appreciate it before, as well as giving me faith in what I do. So, when I turn a celebrity birthday post into another exploration of my own experience, it really does have a point.

Maybe Pete Burns and Sydney Omarr would have agreed with me. The stars are telling me that we all were cut from the same cloth . . .

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