Logjam (source: medium.com)

Things are getting interesting in the sky this week.

Mercury is starting to pick up its pace after its retrograde cycle. On Sunday, it joins the sun, Venus and Mars in Leo, and about a week from now, it exits its retrograde shadow.

Jupiter is just about to end its retrograde cycle in Sagittarius. Over the next ten days or so, it only moves a couple of minutes. While the technical station doesn’t occur until Sunday, the planet is exhibiting its stationary power. In the meantime, the sun is making a lovely trine to the planet.

So, what does all that mean? I can see the idealism of Jupiter in Sagittarius and the magnanimity of the sun in Leo working in harmony, but I can also see the Jupiter station combined with Mercury retracing its steps in Leo as a call to action for people to address the current political climate. The protests in Moscow and Hong Kong were just the beginning. I can see the American people finally getting off their lazy asses in order to take the Trump administration to task for its rampant corruption.

August is usually a pretty peaceful time in politics in this part of the world because everyone takes time off. But I don’t believe that the peace is going to last long. Things have been building up like a logjam for a while now. I actually see the breaking point coming as soon as August 12.

People who rule with an iron fist should be emboldened with four planets in Leo for a week or so. The impulse for Putin, Xi and Trump will be to overreact in a manner that will be unforgivably threatening. The impulse feeding the people, however, will be to rise up against their oppressors: Jupiter will see to that. Once the logjam breaks and people start to reclaim their power, we should start to see things moving forward again.

Jupiter doesn’t leave its retrograde shadow until well into November, so don’t expect everything to happen overnight. Still, it’s going to happen. The logs have been piling up for far too long.

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