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I’ve been writing this blog for a few years now. Every now and then, I go off on a tangent about how much it has helped me personally to have a diary where I record my thoughts so that I can understand how recurrent themes in my life relate to the planets and their positions in the sky. For years, I dismissed the idea of journal-writing, even while tremendously successful people endorsed the task. Now I’m a firm believer in the power of the journal. Oprah was right!

Anyway, because of this blog, I’ve noticed that I lose jobs around this time of year. I also start to panic because I feel as if I have no future prospects. Curiously, this recurrent episode peaks around today’s date.

I had a look at my chart to see if anything important happens when the sun hits about 17°-18° Cancer that would make me feel this way. The sun regularly squares my ascendant from the ninth house right about now (I use Placidus houses), but that shouldn’t result in a crisis of this nature, should it? It makes some harmonious aspects to some outer planets in my chart that become even tighter if I look at my progressed chart. If I experiment with different house systems, the sun would enter my tenth house on this day using equal houses, but I figure that would have the opposite effect: endowing me with confidence in my ability to succeed at any vocation. Using whole-sign houses adds nothing to the discussion.

So, I’m not even sure what makes me feel this way. I have attributed it to a more general theme that ninth-house transits seem to bring to my life where I vacillate between unbridled optimism and a paralyzing fear of the future. Still, I’m not sure why it peaks on this particular day.

If anyone has any idea why I would be feeling this way, please let me know via the comments section or any of my social media accounts. I’d appreciate your help.


  1. I do a combination of cardology and astrology. There are annual planetary periods. There is an annual Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune period for instance. The Saturn period could limit opportunities every year.


      • So, June 10-July 31 every year is actually your Jupiter period which is generally good for everything including finances. August 1st is the beginning of your annual Saturn period. If these job losses are happening during the Jupiter period every year, my feeling is that it is due to the positive changes it brings to your emotional and mental life as well as your relationships. You probably feel stuck and the job losses are the Universe setting you free. I would not say this without evidence. Your life plan includes much change…especially in the area of values. You probably will be much wealthier when you die than the home you were born into as the 5♦️ is your lifetime Result card. 5s mean change and Diamonds mean values including financial wealth. Now, if your values become such that Spiritual values are more important than property, well then, by choice, you could be in relative material poverty at end of life. But back to the question of this time of year: you were born into a pattern of 5♥️/5♣️ Jupiter. So at age 39, when 13 year Jupiter period began you would have embarked on a period of the most change in your life. I bet that ages 41-45 when the Uranus opposition was taking place along with Neptune square would have been the most intense change.


  2. I just discovered an error in the reading above. Your Jupiter periods are 5♥️/K♠️. Mars has the 5♣️. So, basically you start itching for change 26-38 and every year for 52 days during Mars. Then during Jupiter, you give yourself all the change you want.

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