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Transiting Mars opposes my natal sun today. I’m in the mood for a fight.

Instead, I’m going to go to the gym to let off some steam. Then I’m going to come back home and do a few things around the house. Maybe I’ll binge-watch the entire second season of “Killing Eve” since I’ve been saving it on my PVR for a day like today.

What I don’t want to do is spend any time on Twitter reading posts that imply that I’m a bad astrologer for using techniques and traditions that other astrologers don’t use. I want to slap the commentators across the face and scream “WHO SAYS THAT YOU GET TO DECIDE WHICH TRADITION IS CORRECT?”

When you’ve been doing this shit for a long time you start to realize that everyone has a different way of doing things. If you want to wag your dick around on Twitter pretending that you’re the only one who knows how to practice astrology because someone wrote something centuries ago that confirms your beliefs, good for you. The problem is that someone else wrote something that confirms my beliefs. So, whose beliefs are valid? Who cares?

If you want anyone to believe that the traditions you are following are sound, then use them to predict something. Put your practice to work and write down your words so that you can prove to the rest of us that you aren’t a charlatan.

I did a reading the other day for a fashion designer friend who is in some legal hot water. I compared her to Nancy Pelosi during our conversation and advised her to play a waiting game based upon the current position of the planets in her natal chart (and especially Jupiter, which is sort of hovering over her ascendant all summer long). Afterward, I was curious to know more about Nancy Pelosi’s chart and I looked it up. Guess what? My friend and the Speaker of the House share the same sun and rising sign!

I immediately sent a message to my closest astrologer friend who congratulated me and said something like “Don’t you love when that happens?” Yes, I do! And it happens more often than you would think because I constantly put my reputation on the line by attempting to predict the outcome of events. That’s what astrologers do.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I’m going to get offline and try to channel this Martian energy into something productive instead of trying to pick a fight with someone I don’t even know on Twitter. And I’m also going to resolve to not post anything else disparaging other astrologers for a while. I always regret blogging about this topic, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

At least I can say that the planets made me do it . . .

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    Look what is recurring in my horoscope over the next couple of days! I need to take the advice I gave myself two years ago in this post and make sure that I don’t go picking any fights.


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