James Woods (source: Business Insider)

April 18 is James Woods’ birthday.

Astrotheme has an 11:30 AM time of birth for James Woods. I’m going to believe that it is correct because it not only puts his moon in Pisces, but it also gives him a 0°02″ Leo rising.

I was a fan of Woods when he was able to get acting jobs. Unfortunately, those days are gone because he’s just so freaking obnoxious and no one wants to work with him. But what else would you expect from someone with a tenth-house Aries sun, both Mercury and Mars in Aries, a Leo ascendant closely conjunct Saturn in the first house, and a delusional Pisces moon?

This is the chart of a grouchy old man who spends his spare time on Twitter telling everyone else to get off his lawn. If his political views were liberal rather than conservative, he would still be just as obnoxious because he doesn’t want to hear any opinions that do not support his own beliefs.

Donald Trump also has a Leo rising — just barely, as well. I was taught that the first degree and the last degree of a sign are powerful places for planets and points to reside, not transition zones. These two individuals share a rising sign exactly two minutes into the sign of Leo: one at the first degree and one at the last degree. Both men refuse to hear any side of story that doesn’t support a view that they have already adopted as gospel.

I often make the claim that Aries, Leo and Capricorn natives have the biggest egos in the zodiac, but a big ego doesn’t automatically make someone into an egomaniac. However, maybe this ascendant position does.

Both James Woods and Donald Trump make my argument for me. Their Twitter accounts are all the proof I need . . .

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