Mercury Dime (source: coinvalues.com)

Secondary progressions can be an annoying thing to study for people who need to see action in their charts in order to appreciate a prognostic technique. You can go years without seeing a major event in a progressed chart. I’ve had a couple things occur since I began writing this blog, but that’s it. Nevertheless, I’m a Capricorn with the patience of a saint, so the waiting doesn’t really bother me. Also, I’m a living saint, but that’s a topic for another post . . .

Anyway, I am getting eager to see what the universe has in store for me now that Mercury is moving into my sixth house in about ten days from now. I’ve written about this a couple of times before, but now it’s about to actually happen!

This should be good place for progressed Mercury to reside since Mercury rules over the sixth house and the corresponding sign of Virgo. I’m always going on and on about how much I like sixth house transits because they appeal to my fondness for orderliness and routine.

The website “Dark Pixie Astrology” offers the following interpretation for the progression:

“When your progressed Mercury enters your 6th house, you figure out how to be more discriminating, and use it to your advantage. You won’t waste your time on anything that isn’t worth your time. This can be a good time to get involved in work that involves writing, communications, or technology.”

The site also suggest that the interpretation of the progression is similar to the interpretation of progressed Mercury in Virgo, which it describes like this:

“When your progressed Mercury enters Virgo, you hone in on exactly what you need to learn and refine to better yourself and your life, and exactly what you need to eliminate. There’s no wasting time on things that aren’t necessary, and you want to do everything that you can to improve your life. You’re excellent with work projects, and can make advancements at work because you work to the best of your abilities, and have great focus. You can also improve your health, eliminating bad habits and pick up good ones.”

I honestly feel as if I’m there already, which makes sense because Mercury is virtually a couple of minutes away from my sixth house cusp. I’ve recently been blogging about my health and wellness, and I’ve been bragging enthusiastically about a new creative project that I’ve been putting together.

If this is going to be a twenty-year theme in my life (that’s about how long this progression will last), I’m thrilled to embrace it. In about four-and-a-half years, Mars will join Mercury in the sixth house of my progressed chart. Besides moon progressions, that’s about all the action my progressed chart will see over the next several years. But it is something that makes me feel optimistic about my future because I believe that I operate at peak efficiency during most sixth house transits. I hope that progressed transits though the house are no different for me.

I guess I’ll know soon enough!

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