Sagittarius (source: Wikipedia)

Jupiter is currently stuck at 24°20″ Sagittarius. It slowly begins its retrograde cycle today, only moving about a degree over the next four weeks before it really gets moving again. The next station occurs in mid-August right in the middle of the sign, and the planet doesn’t exit the sign of the archer until early December.

So, what does that mean? Over the past couple of days, we’ve seen ugly idealism rearing its head all over the world. William Barr, Donald Trump’s sycophantic Attorney General, has been testifying before congressional committees, selectively omitting information in a manner that makes it appear as if he is indeed trying to cover up crimes revealed in the yet-to-be-released Mueller report. Benjamin Netanyahu has essentially won the Israeli election while in the midst of a scandal that could see him prosecuted for corruption. In the Canadian province where I live, the conservative party that is likely to win next week’s election is doing everything they can to deflect from the fact that their leadership election was a sham.

No matter where you look right now, idealistic individuals are doing everything they can to win. Cause is more important at the moment than conduct.

But will that change during Jupiter’s retrograde? Yeah, maybe. Jupiter is optimistic and idealistic in Sagittarius, but it is also reckless, boastful and impractical. Eventually, however, it accumulates knowledge and experience. By the time it moves into Capricorn, it evinces a much different personality. It becomes the wise, old sage: a self-sacrificing character who bestows humanity with the gift of his vast experience.

I believe that means that this corrupt political climate is going to get cleaned up. Slowly, but surely, the excuses made to serve the cause will become irrelevant. The rules are the rules, and I can’t imagine that the rules won’t prevail once Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn throughout 2020.

I know I’ve been saying this for what seems like forever, but these corrupt creeps are all going to get what’s coming to them. This is the beginning of the end.

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