Paulina Porizkova (source: Voguegraphy)

April 9 is Paulina Porizkova’s birthday.

I got a Facebook message yesterday reminding me that it was my friend’s birthday. I remember not seeing her for a couple of decades and then running into her at the big mall by my house; this was probably about ten years ago, so we both would have been in our mid-forties at the time. I was amazed by how good she looked. That got me thinking about the last time that I had seen her: at our ten-year high school reunion. She looked great there, too — better than almost anyone in the room.

Now I realize that she was born a day before Paulina Porizkova. She may have actually been born at the same time as the model once the time zone is taken into consideration. That would mean that both Paulina and my friend have Venus almost exactly conjunct the sun in their natal charts.

That alone shouldn’t make someone into a supermodel, but it certainly wouldn’t lessen their chances of being attractive. Venus conjunct the sun or Venus conjunct the ascendant is one of those aspects traditionally associated with a pleasing appearance.

What I find interesting about Paulina’s natal chart is that with the somewhat suspect birth time listed on (9:00 PM on the nose), she has a stellium of planets in her fifth house, a stellium of planets in her tenth house (including Mars, the ruler of both her sun and ascendant), and a Scorpio rising. Her natal moon is just barely in Leo at 0°22″. The chart makes sense, even with this suspicious birth time. It indicates someone who is sexy, direct, self-aware and driven. That also describes my friend.

It’s all quite fascinating to me, and it makes me want to reach out to my old friend and find out what time she was born. Now that I really know more about Paulina (I’ve been following her on social media for a while), it’s like I’ve found her astro twin, even if the two women were born ten time zones apart.

I wonder if my friend thinks that Tyra Banks if full of shit, too? Hmm . . .

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