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Mercury made its final pass over my natal Chiron early this morning, just before the new moon in Aries in my sixth house. Now if that doesn’t make this a good day to start a new diet and exercise program, I don’t when else I would start. It’s like the universe is telling me that the stars are on my side.

A new moon in the sixth house would be a good time for anyone to work on a “problem” that impacts their health and well-being. Mercury conjunct Chiron signifies a time of the year when an individual can wrap their head around those issues that cause them psychological distress. For me, that’s inability to truly appreciate my level of fitness because of my expectations of how someone at my fitness level should look.

I guess that I suffer from a bit of body dysmorphia, like a lot of other fitness instructors. I always feel gigantic. Sure, I weigh a lot more than I did when I was a kid just starting out as an aerobics instructor in the eighties. But you know what? I feel almost exactly the same about my body now as I did back then. I’m just never satisfied with how I look.

I know that I need to get over it, but it’s hard-wired into my brain. At least I don’t let it impact my physical health because I eat very well and I exercise all the time. Doctors tell me I’ve got nothing to worry about, so I really should stop worrying.

One thing that I connect with the sixth house (where all this planetary action is occurring in my chart) is neurosis. I can admit that I am neurotic when it comes to these issues, so I suppose that I’m better off than people who can’t recognize their own neuroses. I guess that I should be glad that I can keep my neurotic behavior in check because I don’t believe that it affects anyone else in my environment except for me. Still, it would be nice if I could stop being so body-conscious and paranoid that I’m getting bigger every day.

Yoga has helped me a lot — I’ve talked about that a lot on this blog. What would really help me, though, is just to appreciate what Chiron in my sixth house is trying to teach me: that time heals all wounds. This is a good day for me to forget about those scars that only I can see. I need to move on.

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    This transit is recurring this weekend, along with this morning’s new moon conjunct Chiron in my sixth house. I’m revisiting almost exactly the same place today psychologically. I’m happy to feel empowered to take my health and fitness into my own hands, and with Venus and Mars about to join Jupiter in my self-aware fifth house, perhaps my innate vanity will allow me to make some positive changes during this cycle. I’m feeling optimistic about my future, and sometimes that’s all I need to move in a positive direction.


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