Trump Rally (source: Politico)

Mercury went direct yesterday, prompting a bunch of astrologers on Twitter to claim that we’re in the clear to begin doing whatever we stopped doing when Mercury went retrograde.

I am not going to suggest the same thing. As a mentioned a few posts back, the current Mercury/Neptune conjunction has much more powerful and long-lasting effects than a regular, run-of-the-mill Mercury retrograde phase. Plus, people seem to be forgetting that planetary stations intensify the influence of the planet. Mercury transits are typically fleeting because of the speed with which the planet moves through the zodiac. Mercury stations focus Mercurial energy on a particular degree for a solid week-and-a-half. If that degree is somehow personalized in an individual’s natal chart, of course it is going to prove to be consequential.

So, if you have 16°−17° Pisces personalized in your chart, you’re going to be feeling the effects of this planetary event for a few more days. My advice is the same as it was a few days ago: avoid making public declarations that will come back to embarrass you. If you don’t understand something, avoid discussing it. Or better yet, pick up a book and learn something about the topic before you make a fool of yourself by pretending to know something. For instance, yesterday at his Michigan rally Donald Trump told his audience “I support the Great Lakes. Always have. They’re beautiful. They’re big. Very deep. Record deepness.”

Do I need to say more? I don’t think so . . .

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