Painted Lady (source: Newsweek)

This is a painted lady butterfly. Millions of them are fluttering around western North America at the moment. If the weather conditions are favorable, they will make it up to my part of the continent by midsummer. The last time that happened was several years ago. I remember working at my friend’s greenhouse and being surrounded by them as I watered plants. It was sort of magical.

The reason that I’m thinking about butterflies is that I’m currently experiencing a rather major configuration of major players in my natal chart. The current opposition between the north node and Pluto is occurring within minutes of my MC/IC axis, with the north node sitting at the top of my chart, and Pluto hovering near the bottom.

I suppose that I should be undergoing some sort of transformation, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon — that’s what the astrology of this transit tells me, anyway. The north node is often interpreted as the path that fate would have you follow in order to live a rewarding life. Pluto is often regarded as a catalyst for transformation. Having it moving back and forth across my IC through 2020 should have me undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts.

Strangely, I’ve been distracted by other factors this week, especially the current Mercury/Neptune drama that is occurring in my fifth house of creativity. Despite my confusion, however, I had a good idea that was enthusiastically embraced by my old agent. Believe me: that’s not something that happens every day.

So, I’m going to take this week’s events as a sign that it’s time to spread my wings and fly into new territory, like a migrating butterfly. As these cosmic events continue to unfold over the next couple of years, I might find myself in that place I was so many years ago when I was able to make a living off my creative endeavors for most of the year while spending my summers in the garden.

That would be nice . . .

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