Tamar Braxton (source: Hello Beautiful)

March 17 is Tamar Braxton’s birthday.

I’m a huge fan of “Big Brother,” although I admit that I don’t always like the winners of the show. Too many “emotional” types rise to the top in the game because of their so-called “social game” and the way that they connect with the other crybabies cast on the show. I prefer to root for the cold, calculating types who manipulate the weaker players. Ha! Could I sound more like a Capricorn?

Anyway, Tamar Braxton is a Pisces with Mercury in the same sign. She also has about a 70% chance of having a Pisces moon, but I can’t be sure without a time of birth. Her Mars is in emotionally-stunted Aquarius and her Venus is in detriment in Aries.

I suppose that the Pisces influence overrides the other factors because she really is an emotional wreck. If I was one of her fellow contestants on “Celebrity Big Brother,” I would have voted her out first. I can’t stand to be around that sort of irrational, manic energy. It surprises me when anyone else can put up with that bullshit, but that is the Capricorn in me speaking once again.

I’m currently watching “Big Brother Canada” and wondering if I should try out for the show again in the future. My biggest fear about going on the show is being trapped in the house with a bunch of people who cry all the time and need to have their neuroses facilitated by the nearest surrogate. I’m not the guy you go to when you need a hug. I don’t know many Capricorns who are.

So, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that I have never received a call-back after an audition for “Big Brother Canada.” Seriously, I can’t imagine what a nightmare it would have been for me to be stuck in a house for a few weeks with someone like Tamar Braxton. I’m still wondering how she managed to win the show.

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