Shamari (source: Essence)

February 22 is Shamari DeVoe’s birthday.

Shamari is the newest addition to the cast of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” I’m glad that she is on board because RHOA was a sinking ship over the last few seasons. Kenya Moore’s toxicity made the show difficult to watch.

With another Pisces in the mix, the water signs have definitely taken over. Cynthia Bailey is a Pisces, Portia Williams is a Cancer and Eva Marcille is a Scorpio. The other two housewives are an earthy Taurus, Kandi Burruss, and a fiery Sagittarius, Nene Leakes.

Kenya is an Aquarius, like Marlo Hampton, so an Aquarian character is still around, but as a “friend,” not an actual cast mate. Sheree Whitfield is a Capricorn. To me, the show seems lighter without these two Saturnian characters around to bring things down.

It has been bobbing along quite nicely this season. I’ve laughed out loud watching the show, and I’ve enjoyed watching Eva and Shamari trying to hold their own with the veterans.

Who knows how I’ll feel in a couple of months, but for now the addition of these watery women hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for the show. In fact, RHOA has thrown out a life preserver and pulled me back in. For a while, I thought that the franchise was going to be lost to me, like “New Jersey” and “Orange County.” There’s only so much bullshit I can take before I say “bon voyage.”

That being said, they haven’t taken a boat trip this season, have they? We all know how boat trips and housewives shows go . . .

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